Australia Hot Spots

  1. Sydney: Largest and most populated city in AustraliaDSC_0153
    1. Sydney Opera House:  You are free to roam outside.  Or you can pay about $35 per adult for a tour.  Save up to $6 when you book online.  I think it is worth going on a tour.
    2. Sydney Harbour Bridge:  Next to the Opera House.  You can walk across it for free, or you can do the bridge climb to the top.
    3. Botanical Gardens: This Park is free and is right next to the Sydney Opera House.  Great place to get a picture of the Opera House with the Bridge. It is gated and it closes at night.DSC_0136
    4. Ride a Ferry around to see the city
    5. Darling Harbor
    6. Bondi Beach: Great surf and golden sand
  2. Port Douglas: Culinary gem of Queensland.  Close to the Great Barrier Reef and great beaches
    1. Port Douglas Beach
    2. Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas – Feed the Kangaroo
    3. Golf
  3. Cairns: Main entry for the Great Barrier ReefDSC_0083
    1. Great Barrier Reef: Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. It stretches about 80 million acres along the North East Australian Coast. Must see if you are in Australia.  You can snorkel or scuba dive. The barrier reef is about 2 hrs boat ride or half an hour helicopter ride from the shore.
    2. Esplanade Swimming Lagoon and Boardwalk:  Free for everyone.
    3. Kuranda Nature Park: Petting zoo with Kangaroo, wallabies and more.  Hold a baby crocodile and a koala.  Meet Jack the ripper, a huge crocodile, see the culture of the aboriginals.
    4. Muddy’s Playground:  Free, fun playground on seafront.  Close to everything, parking at reasonable rates.
    5. Tablelands, Waterfalls and Spanish Castle: Natural Beauty, hire a guide or see it on your own for free.
    6. Daintree Walkabout:  Educational Walk with a Native Guide.
  4. Melbourne: Has something for everyone.
    1. St. Kilda Beach Free and Clean
    2. Shop for Opals at the National Opal Collection
    3. Werribee Open Range Zoo – Guided safari bus tour open range savannah and spot rhinos, giraffes and zebras. Come face to face with a pride of lions on the African Walking Trail, visit one of the world’s largest Gorilla exhibits and more.
  5. Brisbane: Third most populated City in Australia.
    1. South Bank Park Lands
    2. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
    3. Visit one of the many museums
  6. Byron Bay: Has lots of lighthouses along the coast where bottlenose dolphins, rays, whales and sea turtles frequent. You will hear Bongos and didgeridoos in parks.  Lots of hippies and vegetarian restaurants.  People with dreadlocks and a lot of them don’t wear shoes. You will feel like you are in the 60s or 70s.
    1. Lighthouse Trail:  Hiking trails with lots of stairs.
    2. Lots of Beaches
    3. Byron Bay Hot Air Ballooning
  7. Perth: Next to the wide Swan River, the Indian Ocean and the Nullarbor Desert.  An isolated city with lots of beaches and a big night life.
    1. King’s Park and Botanic Garden: Free and most popular visitor destination in Western Australia.
    2. Beaches: Cottesloe, Scarborough and City Beach are near the center of Perth
    3. Pinnacles: Take a day or rent a car and drive for 3 hrs each way.  Experiencing the vastness of the State of Western Australia.  See the bizarre configurations of rock caused by calcification of the remains of an ancient forest.  Best time for photos is near sunset. Be aware of kangaroos crossing roads.
  8. Adelaide:  Capital of South Australia.  Opals, Opals, Opals.
    1. Cleland Wildlife Park
    2. Glenelge Tram:  Great Transportation
    3. Himegi Garden: Japanese Gardens
  9. Surfer’s Paradise Beach:  White sandy beach great for surfing on the Gold Coast
    1. SkyPoint: Climb 77 floors or ride the lift for specular 360 degree views.  Enjoy a drink or some food at the café and watch the sunset.
    2. Infinity:  “Infinity is a mind blowing 30 minute journey into 20 trippy, maze-like ‘worlds of wonder’ filled with special effects and illusions that go all the way to Infinity! Some environments are beautiful, others mysterious. You’ll groove and dance in some while others will make you laugh and scream!”
  10. Hobart: on Tasmania’s Southeastern Coast with lots of yachts and fishing boats.
    1. Bonolong Wildlife Sanctuary: Tasmania’s most popular wildlife park. “At Bonorong you will see native animals which are extinct everywhere but Tasmania such as the famous Tassie Devil, Tasmanian Bettong, Eastern Quoll and Tasmanian Pademelon. You will also see favourites like wombats, koalas, kangaroos, possums, lizards, native birds and so many more.”
  11. The Outback
    1. Uluru: Famous for Ayres Rock which is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern DSC_0211part of the Northern Territory of Central Australia.  It is in the middle of nowhere and therefore is expensive.  It only has one hotel in the area.  Click Here for more information on how to get there, saving money and more information.






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