How to Check for Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can be anywhere and everywhere even in a five star hotel.  If you get them on your Bed Bugsclothes you may end up carrying them home with you. The bed bugs can crawl into your suitcase and they can lay eggs on your fabrics.

They can be small when they are born and they grow rapidly up to the size of a small fingernail.  They feed at night on blood and they are reddish brown and oval shaped.  They will inject an anesthetic into you before they bite so you don’t feel it as much.  The bites usually appear red and itchy, often in lines.

They can survive in freezing temperatures and go a whole year without eating.  The good news is they don’t carry any diseases.  It doesn’t matter if your house is dirty or clean.  If they hitch a ride and get into your house it can be hard and expensive to get rid of them.

Check For Bed Bugs

When you first enter your hotel room.  Leave your luggage away from the bed and floor on an elevated luggage holder or on a cart or table away from the bed at least until you can check to make sure it is bed bug free.

First check the bed, remove the sheets and look at the seam of the mattress, in cracks and around the tag of the mattress.  Check around the legs of the bed and the headboard.

They can also live underneath curtains, or on furniture, along baseboards, usually low to the ground.  Use a flashlight if you have one.

Signs Of Bed Bugs

If you see wet, sticky matter with a weird smell it may be fecal matter.  They may leave a sweet decayed smell, almost like rotting raspberries.   You may see brown, translucent skins that have been shed.  Sometimes they leave tiny specs of blood on the mattresses.

What To Do If You See Bed Bugs

Get your suitcases and leave immediately.  Demand a refund and don’t stay in the same hotel.  Chances are that if there are bedbugs in one room, they will be in the next room too.  Housekeepers can easily carry them from room to room without knowing it.

Usually hotels will refund you especially since word of mouth goes a long way.  Even if they don’t refund you, it may be cheaper for you to leave anyway rather than take them home and have to pay an exterminator.

After You Leave

Check your belongings to make sure there aren’t any wet or brown eggs.

It is a good idea to quarantine your bags when you get home maybe in the garage or basement. Wash all clothes with high heat if possible and check the crevices of your suitcases.  High heat is the best way to kill the bed bugs.

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Bed Bugs





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