South America

The equator runs through equator, Columbia and Brazil.  Winters and summers are reversed depending on which side you stand on.

The Amazon is consistently highly humid.  Storms are prevalent most days in the afternoons. Best time to travel to the Amazon is June to October.

Northern South America: Tropical weather is a part of:  Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. Visit during the dry season in December – April and avoid the Christmas, New Year’s and Easter holidays. November and May are the spring and autumn months. If you will be hiking Venezuela’s Angel Falls go during the rainy or summer months so it isn’t too cold in the high elevations.

Central South America: Visit Ecuador in January or May because its dry season (June- September) can be cool and hazy.  Visit Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and and Paraguay in the winter from April – September because summer months can get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Southern South America: Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are diverse in climate. They have dry, high-heat coastal summers and cool winters. Travel to Patagonia in the summer when it isn’t too cold especially if you plan to do some trekking.  To avoid the crowds of the beaches go in spring or autumn months.






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