Stay in a home for free with HomeExchange

 Travel Anywhere.  Like a Local.  For Free.  HomeExchange

Hotel rooms are expensive, stay in a loft in Manhattan, a ski condo in Aspen, or a beach house in Australia. It’s free.

Search 46,000 homes in 149 countries.

Who is We are the fastest growing vacation-alternative website! Our members experience destinations as locals, not as tourists…and save thousands of dollars in the process. The concept is simple: You stay in my home while I stay in yours. It works very well for the following groups:
– Families with children
– Retired people
– Young singles
– Great for
 international vacations
– Regional vacations
– Even weekend trips

Also, when members arrange a home exchange, their accommodations are FREE! There are no per-exchange or per-day charges. HomeExchange has been featured in major media worldwide, including the TODAY Show, New York Times, Newsweek, and as the website used by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet when arranging their own home exchange in the SONY motion picture THE HOLIDAY.






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