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Blue Man Group – Save $30-$40 per Ticket

Blue Man Group – Save now
Blue Man Group - Save over $20 per ticket!

BestOfVegas Special Offer:
Category A – $40 Off: Your Price: $90.64 (Regular Price: $149.70)
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The Strip got a little more colorful when the new Blue Man Group performance claimed stake at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas. This show has all of the elements you would expect from the multinational and insanely successful Blue Man Group Company, but they’ve amped up the percussion event, adding more audience interactive elements, a slew of robots included the new Showbot character, an examination of the human brain, smoking drums, and a nightly procession bursting out the theater with ultra luminescence and musical delight.  Blue Man Group ingeniously combines innovative technology, heart-thumping music and well executed humor to create one grand performance. BestofVegas.com guarantees tickets to Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo are a one-of-a-kind experience.

As one of the lucky members of a Blue Man Group audience, the party begins on the casino floor of the Monte Carlo 45 minutes before show time, as a magnificent parade of percussion and lights weaves through the hustle and bustle of the casino, leading audience members to the theater. As the show begins, Blue Man Group will take you through a journey of discovery from a robot assembly-line to a mad scientist exploring the human brain!  Percussionists bang on giant smoke-emitting “Brain Drums” suspended high above the audience, and the pinnacle of the show is when Blue Man Group play the “Neuronulum”, a brand new pipe-instrument that will send your neurological senses into a tailspin. You’ll also see all the classic paint flying Blue Man Group fun that always turns the show into a party.

Age Requirements: Recommended for children 3 years of age or older. Children 3 years of age and under are FREE but must sit on the lap of parent or guardian.

Show Duration: 90 minutes

Concessions: Bar located inside theater.

VIP Backstage Experience includes: Category A: Premium View ticket – Complimentary Drink- BMG Souvenir – Post show backstage experience including a private meet and greet
– Public Meet & Greet:
– A public meet & greet is held after each show in the lobby of the theatre.

Dinner/Show Package: Good for “The Pub at Monte Carlo”.

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