Sefrican (South African Slang)

South African Slang aka Sefrican

Ag shame = sorry for that

Braai= Barbeque

Brakkie= pick up truck

Car bonnet = hood

Car boot = trunk

Donga= pot hole

Garages = Fuel Stations

Gatvol= really mad or tired of something

Hiring a car = renting a car

Ja = Yes

Just Now = sometime, anytime or sometime soon

Klaar = finished

Nooit = no, never

Now now = soon and means sooner than just now

Petrol = gas

Petrol jockey = service man who pumps your gas

Robot= Traffic Light

Shout “Robot” = you want to get off on the next traffic light when riding a minibus

Shout “shot left” to get off at the next road to the left when riding a minibus

Shout “shot right” to get off at the next road to the right when riding a minibus

Takkies = sneakers, usually a brand named

Tyres= Tires


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