Canadian Slang

Cowtown- The city of Calgary

Chesterfield- A couch.

Chinook- A warm westerly wind that blows east from British Columbia over the Rocky Mountains rapidly warming the temperature in the foothills.

Click- kilometer

Eh?-  “don’t you think,” or “Huh.”

Garburator- Garbage disposal.

Homo milk- whole milk

Hosed- really mad, or angry

Hydro- Refers to electricity (not sure why)

Loonie- The Canadian dollar coin

Mickie- Pint of hard liquor

Mountie- Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Newfie- Derogatory term for someone from Newfoundland

Pepsi- Derogatory term for French Canadians

Pop- Soda

Poutine- The delicious combination of French fries, gravy and melted cheese curds.

Runners- Refers to any kind of athletic footwear.

Timbit- A donut hole from Tim Horton’s.

Timmie’s- Tim Hortons restaurant, virtually on every street corner.

Toonie- The Canadian two dollar coin.

Touque- A winter hat

Track pants/suit- Sweat pants

Two-four- Slang for a 24 pack of beer

Washroom- A bathroom.

Zed- The letter Z


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