Disney Coupons and Savings

Disneystore.com offers Disney Coupons and SavingsDisney Coupons

Disneystore.com offers Disney coupon codes and savings on their site. They tend to change at least twice a week.  They usually offer the promotions on their homepage.  The best coupon codes run on the weekends.  Typically the very best one-day options will post on Sundays and Holidays.

Exclusive Coupon Codes

If you are an annual Disney pass holder visit the official pass holder website at Disney.com for the newsletter and exclusive coupon codes.

If you are a Disney’s Visa card member check their official website or your Disney Rewards newsletter for exclusive coupon codes.

Entertainment Book

Some people say it is worth the money to buy an Entertainment Book for California or Florida because you will save more in coupons than the book costs.

Look at Your Disney Receipts while in the Park for Disney Coupons

If you buy food or merchandise in the theme parks make sure to check the back of your receipt for Disney coupons and savings which you usually have to use before noon any day of the week before the expiration.

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