Travel for Charity or Education

Do you want to Travel for Charity, Education, or to earn money?Travel for Charity

Do you want to get paid while traveling?  There are many programs out there where you can teach English or other languages around the world in places like China or South America.  You don’t need to know the native language to be able to teach English through the immersion programs.

Do you want to be able to help restore villages in South America, bring supplies to orphanages or help build homes in Africa?  Or do you want to provide health care services to people around the world?

Maybe you are a school student and want to learn a foreign language with a foreign exchange program.  You could live in someone’s home for a while and go to school in their country, or perhaps you want to allow someone to live in your home for the same purpose.

I have been to a few orphanages in Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala.  I have spent time with the kids and have brought school supplies, health supplies and toys to them.  There isn’t a better feeling than helping out someone who needs it.

If you are interested in Travel for Charity, Education or to get Paid, check out some of these links or research other charity sites.  It is also a great way to deduct airline tickets, program fees, travel insurance and visas.

Globe Aware

Pack for a Purpose

Brite Blue

Global Volunteers

Thanks for Visiting Travel for Charity or Education.

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